Huaye Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd

      Furnace Rolls are manufactured from centrifugal casting barrel, assemblied with static cones and shaft, used for continuous annealing line(CAL), galvanizing line, heat treatment furnace, roller hearth furnace and glass lehr.

      We provide different furnace rolls according to GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS and GOST standrad from OD 60mm to OD 2000mm.

  • Furnace Roll                                ·    Water cooled roll  

  • Sink roll  and stabilizer roll          ·    Dip and turn rollers

  • Deflector roll                                   ·    Immersed roll      

  • Support roll                                     ·    Lehr roll for float line

  • Roll bushes    

Inspection & Testing

The quality of our products is dependent not only on casting process, but also the quality of the raw material and strict inspection methods. All our castings are inspected to ensure meet the requirements of our customers. The following NDT can be performed:

  • PMI (Positive material identification)

  • Dimensional inspection

  • Dye penetrant inspections

  • Chemical composition analysis by spectrometer

  • Balancing test

As a leading brand in heat resistant steel castings in China and international market, Huaye take great pride in supplying our customer high quality furnace components and improving our casting quality continuously. We firmly believe QUALITY is always first and foremost to our customers.