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  • Galvanizing Line

  • Galvalume Lines

   Sink roll used in molten zinc pot in continuous galvanizing line. It is generally made of SS316L Ferritefree, stainless steel can withstand extreme temperatures & high corrosivion for extended periods of time. Roll body uses different shapes like straight body, crowned and tapered depending upon application.

   These rolls are worked in a very corrosive environment, i.e. molten zinc. Most of these rolls have no coating on them. Anuncoated roll may last up to 2 weeks, but with carbide coating on roll body and shaft they laste up 5 weeks.

  • Sink roll

  • Stablizing roll

  • Roll arm

  • Bushes

  • Snout modified

Inspection & Testing

  • PMI (Positive material identification)

  • Dimensional inspection

  • Dye penetrant inspections

  • Ultrasonic inspection

  • Chemical composition analysis by spectrometer

  • Balancing testing

  • Ultrasonic testing

   We specialize in design and construction of galvanizing line parts. To continiously improve the working life of our sink roll, we collaborate positivelywith some famous research institute in China like China Foundry Association(CFA), The Institute of Metal Research (IMR).